Pathways to Ministry Virtual Toolkit

Pathways to Ministry Virtual Toolkit

A Special Resource for Faith Communities/Pastoral Leaders: The Virtual Edition of Pathways to Ministry Toolkit is here! It contains a guidebook for creating local gatherings of youth, campus, and young adult ministry leaders and parish and vocation ministers in the development of pathways to ministry in your area, as well a collection of 107 Strategies to get young people engaged and open to a life of pastoral ministry in the Roman Catholic Church.
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Young Adults

For Young Adults

Are you between 18 and 35?

Want to learn about becoming a leader in the Catholic Church (especially professional lay ecclesial ministry)?

This is for you...

Parents and Families with Young Adults

For Parents/Families

Are you a parent/family of a young adult?

Would you like to be supportive of future pastoral leadership?

This is for you...


Faith Communities

For Faith Communities

Are you currently in pastoral leadership (e.g., parish, campus, diocesan, etc.)?

Would you like to help encourage the next generation of pastoral leadership?

This is for you...

Who (in block print) Young woman in church (photo)

Who will be the next generation of pastoral leadership?

The 21st century Catholic Church in the United States is experiencing new growth and renewed opportunities for leadership. Alongside traditional vocations to the priesthood and religious life, new forms of professional lay ecclesial ministry have arisen. Directors of Religious Education, Pastoral Associates, Coordinators of Youth Ministry, Directors of Liturgy and Pastoral Music, Social Ministry Coordinators and various other ministries have all become a part of American parish life.

But this brings with it a share of confusion and challenge.

  • What does it mean to be "called to ministry?"
  • What are the various ways that people exercise leadership in the church?
  • What's the difference between ordained, religious, and lay ecclesial ministry?
  • Do lay people in professional ministry consider their work a "vocation" or a "career?" Or both? Or neither?!

This site is dedicated to providing guidance in that search for young adult catholics—the next generation of pastoral leadership. It also provides resources for parents/families of young adults as well as faith communities to assist them in supporting those young adults to explore a possible future in church ministry.