Pathways to Ministry Virtual Toolkit

Pathways to Ministry Virtual Toolkit

A Special Resource for Faith Communities/Pastoral Leaders


Throughout the United States and in each Catholic diocese, we are struggling to keep young people invested in the leadership of the church. We must ask ourselves if we are helping our youth, collegians, and young adults truly develop as leaders in the broader Catholic Church.

Over the past four years, our five organizations have worked together to develop strategies and plans to keep young men and women engaged with the church and become the leaders we need. With an eye on the horizon, we have looked for ways to ensure an unbroken link between the youth, college campus, and young adult experience of faith.

The downloadable files on this page are a toolkit to build that bridge between our ministries and into a life of service and vocation to the church. It contains:

Three Young Adults
  • a guidebook to help you find ways to develop those pathways to ministry,
  • appendices to the planning process,
  • 107 Strategies to encourage creativity,
  • a best practices sample of three tangible strategies you can use as a benchmark towards establishing a lasting connection from parish to campus to parish,
  • a report from the Emerging Models Project on young peoples' attitudes towards church leadership. (This file is not available on our website, but it can be accessed by going to the Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership website, and clicking the "Download this Article" link.)